Thursday, May 24, 2018
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3 Things Vegas Taught Me About Parenting 

DMD Vegas Retreat 2016

September 9-11, 2016.  Treasure Island Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada.  2 Days.  21 guys.  Our First DMD (Dads Married to Doctors) Retreat.  Dads only, no spouses, no kids.  And it was on this retreat that I learned how to be a better parent.  Here are the 3 things Vegas taught me about parenting…

Community Post: Being a Doctor’s Husband

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In the community post series, I present a question to over 2,000 dads married to doctors (via Facebook’s DMD group) and return with a sampling of their collective wisdom.

Fearless Fathers and the Power of Community


When I answered society’s call for present, hands-on dads, I figured it had a place picked out for me—it kind of didn’t.

As a work-at-home dad and the primary caretaker for an awesome little boy, I joined the ranks of a growing demographic many still haven’t quite accepted. As a husband to a successful wife who is also a badass mother, I’m one of the luckiest caretaker dads anywhere, but I’ve seen this struggle first hand. For some, it is devastating. But I’ve also found a huge network of likeminded fathers helping newcomers find their way.

Welcome to DMD Lifestyle!

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    Welcome to DMD Lifestyle!

    The content on this blog is written by DMDs (Dads Married to Doctors) but is designed for all busy dads or parents married to busy professionals.

    Let’s face it… we’re all busy. When we got married and started having kids, we had a certain idea of what life would be like. At least, we thought we did. DMD Lifestyle is all about parents, and especially dads, doing life together and learning from each other. Learning from our successes, our mistakes, and encouraging each other to create a better lifestyle for ourselves and our families.


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